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A simple and easy to handle application whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability to perform various automatic mouse and keyboard actions

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Auto Click Typer is a lightweight and user-friendly software solution developed to offer you an easy means of automating various mouse and keyboard presses, allowing you to get out of doing repetitive tasks, which you computer can very well handle without your intervention.

Installation notes

The program is simple to install, but you do need to pay attention, as you will also be offered to install third-party software that Auto Click Typer does not require in order to function properly.

As such, you can decide whether to accept or decline, after which the process will carry on as normal, enabling you to start working with the utility immediately.

User-friendly interface

The main window is fairly basic and straight-forward, listing the added actions for you to view, while also allowing you to move them up or down, depending on how you need them to run. You can save a list of automatic mouse and keyboard presses to an AUTOCT file, so you can later reuse it without having to re-create them.

Create or edit mouse and keyboard actions

In order to add new actions, you can use the assigned button, then select the type of movement you need from the menu. You can opt for 'Mouse', which lets you 'Move Cursor', 'Left Click', 'Double Click' or 'Right Click'. Similarly, the 'Keyboard' enables you to 'Press Keyboard Button' or 'Type Text'. Another option is to insert a 'Delay' for a user-defined amount of time.

When adding a new mouse action, you can input a comment, which can serve as a reminder concerning the purpose of that movement. You can then enter the number of times to repeat the movement or the total duration, along with the delay between two clicks. This can have a precise length of time or it can be at random. When done, you can press the 'Run' button, and your actions will be performed in queue.

Useful automation tool

To conclude, Auto Click Typer is a handy and reliable application which aims to increase your working speed by allowing you to automate certain tasks, thus saving you significant amounts of time.

Auto Click Typer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
Auto Click Typer - The main window of Auto Click Typer lists all the actions you have added, allowing you to edit themAuto Click Typer - By pressing the Add button, you can select which action to insert, depending on the device you need to useAuto Click Typer - The keyboard submenu enables you to automatically press a keyboard button or type a user-defined textAuto Click TyperAuto Click TyperAuto Click Typer

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