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You can use this simple tool to record your mouse movements and keyboard presses, then use them to easily execute repetitive tasks

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Auto Mouse Recorder is an intuitive and user-friendly software solution whose main purpose is to offer you an easy means of recording mouse and keyboard actions, which can later be repeated in order to spare you from having to perform unnecessary tasks when they can just be automated.

The interface is fairly basic and straight-forward, featuring all the required functions and nothing more. It offers three 'Repeat' modes, namely 'Repeat Once', 'Repeat X Number of Times', or 'Repeat for X Milliseconds / Seconds / Minutes / Hours'. Additionally, it enables you to shutdown your PC when a task is completed.

Auto Mouse Recorder allows you to set the 'Delay Time Between Two Repeats', ranging from a few seconds to hours, however best fulfills your needs. Nonetheless, you can also set it to 'Delay A Random Time'. A useful feature is the fact the you can set the 'Repeat Speed' as 'Slow', 'Normal' or 'Fast'.

The 'Record' button enables you to begin capturing the intended mouse and keyboard actions, which can go on for as long as you need. When you wish to stop recording, you can simply press the indicated button in the lower right corner or you can use the assigned hotkey.

The resulting REC file can be saved under a preferred name and to a previously specified location. Auto Mouse Recorder lets you configure your hotkey preferences for several functions, namely 'Start Recording', 'Stop Recording', 'Start Repeating', 'Stop Repeating' and 'Pause Repeating'. Moreover, you can set the tool to continue rendering the recording, regardless of any hand movements.

Furthermore, Auto Mouse Recorder allows you to schedule repeat tasks, so you can set a REC file to run at preferred time intervals, for a number of times. Additional tools provided by this application include Auto Keyboard Presser and Auto Mouse Clicker, which can also be used for automating your actions.

To conclude, Auto Mouse Recorder is a comprehensive and efficient program that enables you to capture a string of mouse and keyboard movements, then render them under certain conditions, thus simplifying your work and saving you significant time and effort.

Auto Mouse Recorder was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 24th, 2014
Auto Mouse Recorder - The main window of Auto Mouse Recorder allows you to set the preferences for the recording of your mouse movementsAuto Mouse Recorder - After recording the movements, you can give the file a name and a description so make it more easily identifiableAuto Mouse Recorder - The File menu enables you to open an existing item, start recording or repeat a previous RECAuto Mouse Recorder - screenshot #4Auto Mouse Recorder - screenshot #5Auto Mouse Recorder - screenshot #6Auto Mouse Recorder - screenshot #7Auto Mouse Recorder - screenshot #8Auto Mouse Recorder - screenshot #9

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