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An intuitive and simple to use application that enables you to automatically open a program, folder or file when you hover the cursor over it

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AutoClicker is an easy to use application that enables you to automate the mouse clicking functions, thus opening files and folders by simply hovering the cursor on top of them. You may set automatic clicking and open programs, prompt context menus or access the function of the middle mouse button.

Easily setting the clicking interval

You may set the maximum number of items that can be automatically clicked, by typing in the appropriate digit in the dedicated field. The default value is 0, which indicates infinite number of clicks.

The clicking interval is also a customizable feature of the software. This function enables you to set the minimum length of time between two successive simulated clicks. Additionally, you can set the type of click you wish to automate. A simple click places the cursor in a specific spot, selects an item or activates a button. With the double click, you can access several files or folders, while the triple click can select an entire row of text.

Choose the mouse function

The software enables you to simulate the main functions of the mouse. In case of a simple 3-button mouse, you can automate the functions of the left button, which enables you to open a file or a folder. Alternatively, selecting the right click, you may automatically prompt the context menu, while with the middle button, you can activate the custom feature assigned to it.

The application enables you to choose between the two modes of autoclicking: following the cursor or at a fixed location. The first function implies that the click applies to the item that lies at the tip of your cursor. Alternatively, you may set a fixed location where the click is applied according to your settings.

Shortcuts and hotkeys

You may easily start or stop the series of clicks by using the hotkeys. By default, F1 and F2 can start, respectively stop the process, while F3 allows you to set the location of the fixed clicking. The hotkeys can be changed, for your convenience, from the Options menu.


AutoClicker is a lightweight software that enables you to automate the mouse clicks, thus speeding up your work or offering you a quick solution if your mouse suddenly stop working. You can easily customize the process, by setting the clicking mode, time interval between clicks and which mouse function you wish to simulate.

AutoClicker was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
AutoClicker - AutoClicker enables you to automatically open a program, folder or file as you hover the cursor over it.AutoClicker - You may set the software to enable automatic left click, right click or middle click, if such function is available.

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