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A set of command-line utilities that can help you create backups of the CMOS settings, check the CMOS for corrupted data and restore configurations

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CMOSsave/CMOSrest is a collection of utilities intended to assist users in saving and verifying the CMOS configuration settings. The complementary metal-oxide semiconductor or in short, CMOS stores startup information that the computer BIOS uses to turn on the system, so storing a backup of its configuration can be a real time saver.

Backup and restore the CMOS configuration

The package includes three DOS utilities with different purposes, namely CMOSsave, CMOSrest and CMOSChk, working together in order to help you create a backup of the CMOS configuration.

CMOSsave is designed to read and save the data stored by the CMOS to your hard disk or a newly formatted floppy drive, while CMOSrest is a handy tool that can help you restore the configuration from an existing backup file. The third application, CMOSChk, can be used to verify the integrity of the CMOS configuration file, ensuring that it has not been tampered with.

Checks the CMOS configuration for corrupted data

CMOS tables can be altered by unexpected power surges or battery discharges. CMOSsave/CMOSrest comes to the rescue by allowing you to conveniently create backups of the CMOs configuration and restore them when needed.

While CMOSsave creates the backup on a floppy drive or on the local hard disk, CMOSrest enables you to switch between different CMOS configurations. On the other hand, CMOSChk can scan the current configuration to find corrupted data due to virus infections or other similar causes.

A handy tool for older computers

All three tools work properly on DOS and older versions of Windows, up to NT. Higher editions are compatible with CMOSsave and CMOSChk only and restoring the CMOS configuration is not possible. Since it has not received an update in a very long time, it might not work on all machines.

CMOSsave/CMOSrest was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 29th, 2014
CMOSsave/CMOSrest - CMOSsave/CMOSrest  lets you save your cmos settings to your HDD quickly.

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