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Packed inside a lightweight package, this application can make the CPU usage go up to 100% in just a few seconds, in order to evaluate its performance

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The suggestive name of CPU 100%! reveals its purpose to you from the start. It is designed to simulate a situation when your CPU's usage rises up to 100%, enabling you to evaluate its performance during uninterrupted full load.

Forthright usage and lack of configuration options

Since its only function is to increase the CPU usage to maximum, the application does not bundle any other options and features. In fact, its main window only contains a notification message that alerts you that your CPU peeks at 100%, without any menus, buttons and other elements whatsoever.

Gets the CPU to 100% almost instantly

When you launch it, the CPU usage does not jump to 100% instantly. A reliable monitoring tool can help you keep an eye on the current processor load, which first goes up to about 90% and then rises until it reaches the upper limit. On other computers we tested it on, the CPU usage did not exceed 70%.

As long as this window is opened, it means that the application does its job in the background, but note that no system tray icon is available. Shutting down the application is done by simply closing its main window, although during our testing, we were not able to do this and had to use Task Manager to forcefully terminate the associated process.

For computers equipped with dual-core processors, the application must be launched twice, while in order to get a quad-core processor to 100% load, you must open it four times.

Practical tool to simulate maximum CPU load

Despite its simplicity, an application such as CPU 100%! can help you measure the temperature of the processor during continuous maximum usage. It can also be used in other scenarios, enabling you to test the functioning of adjustable speed fans or assess the reliability of a CPU monitoring application.

CPU100%! was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 18th, 2014
CPU100%! - CPU100%! can simulate a situation when your CPU is loaded to 100%, helping you assess its performance.

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