Cache Monitor II

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A free tool for tracking of Internet cache changes





CacheMonitor is used for tracking Internet cache changes.

It displays the contents of the entire cache in a scrollable, sortable multi-column list window and displays changes to the cached files in the "Status" column.

To run the program, go to the directory you have downloaded it to and double-click on its icon. No installation is necessary. (To uninstall it, simply delete it.)

When started, it automatically does an initial scan of the cache. This version currently does not automatically update the cache listing like the original console display version of CacheMonitor. (A future version may have a setting for this.)

To update the listing (after you have browsed a few web pages), go to the "Action" menu and select "Scan Cache". Any changes that occured in the cache will be marked in the "Status" column. You can sort the listing by different criteria by clicking on the column headers. (Just like in Windows Explorer's detail view.)

When CacheMonitor finds files that have been deleted, it lets you know by displaying "Deleted" in the "Status" column. If you re-scan the cache for changes repeatedly while web browsing, the deletions displayed continue to build up, and can make the listing seem cluttered after a while. To remove these files from the display that no longer exist, selection "Remove Deletions" from the "Action" menu.

If you wish to have a permanent record of the changes that have occured in your cache while you are monitoring it (or to simply save a listing of the files in the cache), select the "Save As" item from the "Action" menu. You'll be asked for a filename and a location to save the record.

The newly created record is a plain text file that you can load into any text editor or word processor. The order in which the files are listed is the order in which they appear in the CacheMonitor window. Note that currently not all of the columns are output.
Last updated on July 4th, 2008
Cache Monitor II - This is the main window of CacheMonitor where users will be able to track down all the internet cache.Cache Monitor II - From this submenu you will be able to insert a new opan command.

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