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An easy way to create and print photo albums as well as other materials such as printable discs, case covers and even personalized calendars

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Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX addresses a quite large group of users as many of you do possess a Canon printer at home and that haven’t find out much about the features their printer holds.

Canon produces many products in several categories ranging from their popular cameras to less known binoculars. Between these two, Canon also manufactures camcorders, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, calculators as well as projectors.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX is a product intended for Canon printers and, more precisely, for the photo inkjet printers (all-in-one units included). Although having such hardware at home, there are users that prefer to print their pictures at various print shops.

While this is the perfectly normal way to go if your printer just cannot handle to task you have at hand due to the large print size or other reasonable motives, some users still avoid using their very own printer because they do not feel that they can handle the job on their own.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX comes to the rescue for this type of users as well as any other Canon photo printer owner. With its expertise at hand, you can quickly and easily perform photo prints, create albums, calendars, stickers as well as disc labels and case covers.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX also allows you to edit your images before sending them to your printer as jobs, while supplying many target items, paper sizes or themes for your printable discs or case covers. For calendars, all you have to do is choose the paper size, orientations, year and design and even set the holidays specific to your country.

Overall, Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX presents itself as a must-have basic application suite that can prove to be enough for more users than you might think of. As you get along with Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX, you start to understand how you can achieve more with less and the trips to your local print shop will surely diminish if not completely disappear.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 29th, 2013
Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX - The main window of Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX allows you to load the tool you want to use.Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX - You can easily add a new page and access the Cut / Copy function from he Edit menu.Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX - Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX is a software that enables you to import images and swap positions.Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EXCanon Easy-PhotoPrint EXCanon Easy-PhotoPrint EXCanon Easy-PhotoPrint EXCanon Easy-PhotoPrint EXCanon Easy-PhotoPrint EXCanon Easy-PhotoPrint EX

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