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A small, but effective utility that will make it possible for you to disable Caps Lock or have it changed to any other key on the fly

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If you ever took the time to count every single button on your keyboard, you’d probably notice there are around a hundred different buttons, and this not taking into account secondary functions. Some tend to do more harm than help, and if Caps Lock is one of them, then Caps Lock Changer is the thing you need.

Simple design makes it easy to use

The installation process only takes a little of your time, with a neat option to have the application automatically run once it’s all over, just to save you some time. If the main window doesn’t appear, you need to check the system tray, because it stays there when not used.

Visual design is clean and simple, so that you can choose and enable functions in the blink of an eye. As such, there’s nothing more than a drop-down menu filled with a rich amount of options, as well as a button that saves and applies your configuration, while bringing the application to the system tray.

Multiple keys and functions to set

By default, the application disables Caps Lock, which is quite useful in some cases and on some laptops that have incredibly little buttons and separation space. It works well with all Windows iterations so far. Sadly, it can’t automatically run on startup.

As mentioned above, there’s a drop-down menu with a lot of choices. Besides letters and numbers, most common keyboard functions like, Enter, Space, Shift and so on can be picked. Sadly, you can’t add custom entries, and could have been useful to temporarily make it type a specific symbol from the character map.

A few last words

Considering all the above, Caps Lock Changer might not seem like much, but is similar to those tools in the shed you use once a decade, but it’s really good to have around. It works on all Windows versions, takes up little space and resources, lets you easily accommodate, making for an overall practical utility.

Caps Lock Changer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 3rd, 2015
Caps Lock Changer - This is the main window of Caps Lock Changer where you will be able to select the key you want to change Caps Lock with.

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