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Free up some space on the disk by removing cookies, history and cache data stored by web browsers, temporary files, recently used documents, and more

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CleverCleaner is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you delete unnecessary, obsolete, and temporary files stored on your computer. It can be used for gaining some extra space on the disk and is able to deal with browser data and Windows logs and files.

Does not require installation

You can take advantage of the tool’s portability status and run it on the target system by simply opening the executable file. In addition, you can keep it stored on USB flash drives or other devices to carry it with you all the time.

Minimalist window

CleverCleaner reveals a small panel that has to offer only a few control parameters for the deletion process. You are allowed to select the target partition that is scanned for unnecessary files.

Customize a deletion task

You should not let yourself get deceived by the minimalist GUI because the application has a lot of tweaking parameters to offer. They are hidden under the hood and can please even professional users.

CleverCleaner gives you the possibility to activate a normal deletion process, send items to the Recycle Bin so you can still recover them, or permanently delete data from your computer so it cannot be retrieved. What’s more, you can make the program show a confirmation dialog.

The cleanup task can be applied to multiple browsers, namely Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, and you may specify the items that you want to remove, more specifically cookies, cache data, and history.

What’s more, you can delete file search masks, temporary directory, recently used documents, Recycle Bin items, old update files, and system logs.

Tweak advanced features

An advanced set of parameters is implemented for helping you search for files on the disk using wildcards, create an exclusion list based on file extensions, as well as exclude directories from the search process.

At the end of a scan you can check out details about the name and size of the identified items, and pick the files that you want to delete. A scan process does not take too much time but this pretty much depends on the size of the disk and number of junk items.

Final words

All things considered, CleverCleaner provides a simple and efficient software solution for helping you remove leftovers and unwanted items from your computer, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

CleverCleaner was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 25th, 2015
CleverCleaner - With CleverCleaner you can locate the temporary files and delete them in order to save disk spaceCleverCleaner - You have the possibility to preview all the found files and select which one you want to deleteCleverCleaner - From the General tab of the Options window you are able to select the browsers you want to scanCleverCleaner - In the Advanced tab from the Options window you can add or remove file and directory exceptions

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