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An advanced and efficient application developed as a monitoring tool that can be used at work on employee's computers or at home, on children's PCs

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Computer CID is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software developed to provide you with an efficient method of supervising the activity of your employees, without them knowing you are tracking their every move.

It is estimated that people use a significant amount of their working hours to perform tasks that are unrelated to the specificity of their job, thus decreasing their productivity and causing your company potential profit losses.

The utility is password protected, so only you can access and view the data it collects. Also, it does not show up in in the installed programs list, nor in the uninstallation panel, meaning that the person being monitored will not be able to tell. It can only be called out with a user-defined key shortcut.

Computer CID enables you to secretly track every action on a given machine, providing you with the option of capturing their activity in videos, pictures or voice files. Moreover, the application is able to keep tabs on all accessed websites, as well as used software, CDs and DVDs watched, and many others.

With the help of this small utility, you can even block access to certain folders or drives, by encrypting them. Similarly, you can set up a set of 'Locks and Restrictions on this System', thus preventing the wrongful usage of company resources. The 'Block / Restrict Websites and Email IDs' allows you to stop your employees from wasting time when they should be working instead. Computer CID can generate reports at the simple push of a button, meaning that you can quickly learn what your workers have been up to, whether they did their job properly or they tried to slack off during their schedule.

To conclude, Computer CID is a useful and efficient application that can successfully help you keep track of all your employees' activity during their work hours and determine is anyone is using up your company's resources for their personal benefit.

Computer CID was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 3rd, 2014
Computer CID - Computer CID is a useful application designed to monitor all ongoing activities on the computer it is installed onComputer CID - The utility can be used to quickly generate comprehensive activity reports in HTM formatComputer CID - Computer CID allows you to encrypt or decrypt files or folders, in order to prevent their wrong usage

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