Cyborg Auto-Profiler

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A handy application that automatically swaps profiles for Cyborg input devices triggered by the active application or running game

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Most hardware components can be customized in order to cover the needs of multiple types of users, and mouse devices are highly configurable via specially crafted software.

Control the behavior of the mouse

In the case of Saitek/Cyborg devices there is Cyborg Auto-Profiler, a tool that can store preset configurations and activate them on the fly when a specific program is running.

Installing the application on the system does not entail particular effort from the user since the procedure can be completed by simply following the instructions on the screen.

In the main application window the user can check the current status of the tool. The presence of a supported device is also displayed.

Set up the triggers, configure the actions

As soon as a profile file has been added the user can proceed with the customization operation and define the triggering process.

There are multiple ways to define the process. One method is to choose from a list of running processes; another allows browsing for an executable file.

The program can also detect the process automatically based on a selection tool that can be dragged over any application window on the screen.

As far as the settings are concerned, Cyborg Auto-Profiler provides the possibility to change the mouse speed or to run a script (VBS) automatically.

Overall configuration of the application includes options regarding the detection type of the trigger (active window, process) and the verification frequency. Also, switching to a different profile can be marked in the system tray.

Efficient profile manager for Cyborg devices

Cyborg Auto-Profiler is not as straightforward as most users would like it to be but it manages to cover a need particular to most gamers. However, if set up properly, it can switch to a different profile automatically, according to the user-defined trigger.

Cyborg Auto-Profiler was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 27th, 2014
Cyborg Auto-Profiler - Cyborg Auto-Profiler will help you automatically swap profiles for Cyborg input devices triggered by the active applicationCyborg Auto-Profiler - The Settings panel will provide users with a list of options like Detection Type or Check Interval

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