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Make updating a projector or TV's firmware and easy and quick process using this powerful application with various communication and read or write controls

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Each device that you can interact with needs to be designed with a set of controls composed by complex commands in order to make your input readable by the machine. When it comes to projectors and TVs, applications such as DLP Composer Lite might prove to a proper means to modify firmware and Flash image files.

Quick access to major commands

The main window of the application is kept simple enough so that everything is easy enough to use. An upper toolbar is home to several core functions like read or sent data to a device, basic editing functions and the possibility to save or revert settings.

The center workspace is where most action is taken, since thorough fields can be completed here. Their parent categories can be viewed and quickly accessed from a side panel, where you can browse through I2C Command, Batch Files and Flash Loader.

Configurable Flash image loader

One of the first things you need to accomplish is loading the device's Flash image file. You can choose to import the whole file, a sector range download, where you can specify start and end in Hex data, or the partial images where only changed sectors are updated, making for a faster process.

Set up communication characteristics

The application lets you set up connection types and configure available ports. Several I2C types can be chosen, serial port or even a USB connection. Additionally, speed can be selected for the I2C device, as well as Auto Restart Timer to give you full control ever communications.

Most data you upload to the device needs to be written in Hex. Address and sub address fields need to be completed, as well as data you want to send, after which changes can be applied by hitting the “Write” button.

In conclusion

To sum it up, DLP Composer Lite is definitely an application dedicated to users with solid knowledge. Available tools give you the possibility to thoroughly read and write data, making firmware updates an easier process, simply by having info updated and not completely re-developed.

DLP Composer Lite was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
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