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A reliable and easy to use tool that can help you update the firmware of the SATA optical disc drive your ThinkPad laptop comes equipped with





DVD Firmware Update Utility is a handy utility that enables owners of Lenovo ThinkPad systems to easily update the firmware of the SATA optical drive their system is equipped with. Developed by the manufacturer itself, it is the safest way to perform firmware upgrading operations.

It is advisable that you follow the instructions in the documentation, since launching other executable files than the indicated ones might result in the permanent damage of the optical drive.

The application is compatible with various models in the ThinkPad laptop series (T420, W520, T520, X220, T410, T510, X201, W701, W700, X200, SL410, SL300, just to name some) running on Windows XP, Vista or 7, either 32-bit or 64-bit architecture. In order to avoid hardware corruption, please make sure that your laptop is on the compatibility list.

Following the update procedure described in the offline documentation files, you must extract the contents of DVD Firmware Update Utility to a specific folder and execute 'FWWINOD.EXE'. The application proceeds to analyzing the system configuration and detects all the SATA optical drives, displaying a list of all the hardware devices that require firmware update.

If the scan retrieves no results, it means that your drives don't need upgating. The application prompts you for confirmation and displays a confirmation message once the updating process is completed.

Please note that a system reboot is mandatory in order for the optical disc drive to work properly after a firmware update. Also, any disc found inside the drive might be damaged, so make sure that the drive is empty before using DVD Firmware Update Utility.
Last updated on April 16th, 2014

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