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A tool which can be used to slipstream the DriverPacks into your Windows installation files!

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DriverPacks BASE is an easy to use yet powerful application designed to let you slipstream driver packages into your Windows installation files.

Especially designed for those who wish to make the Windows installation process a bit faster, DriverPacks BASE relies on a very simple interface that could be safely used by beginners and the more experienced ones.

There are just a few settings to be configured before anything else, including DriverPack files to be integrated into the Windows installation files. The application provides multiple options in this regard, including DriverPack Chipset, CPU, Graphics, LAN, Mass Storage, Sound and WLAN.

Plus, the dedicated “Settings” menu is just minimal and prompts you to pick the installation platform which can be anything between disc, BartPE, multiboot disc and stand alone drivers. Just hit the browse button and choose the appropriate option.

When you're done with the configuration process, just go over to “Start” and hit the “Slipstream” button.

DriverPacks BASE works with Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003 and can be used in more than 15 languages, including French, German, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.

Of course, the amount of hardware resources needed to let the app get the job done is just minimal, but keep in mind that only the aforementioned operating systems are supported for the time being.

Overall, DriverPacks BASE is obviously an application that could come in handy to a lot of users out there and although it may seem a bit difficult to use at the first glance, everything's pretty straightforward once you launch the program. There's no help file, that's true, but chances are that you don't even need one.

DriverPacks BASE was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 7th, 2012
DriverPacks BASE - DriverPacks BASE will help you quickly and easily slipstream the DriverPacks into your Windows installation filesDriverPacks BASE - Users can choose from Disc, BartPE, MultiBoot Disc or Stand Alone Drivers as the Installation platformDriverPacks BASE - The UpdateChecker section will provide DriverPack Updates for Chipset, CPU, Graphics, LAN, MassStorage, Sound and WLAN

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