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Right click on any folder and choose the Drop to DOS option.

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Drop To DOS is a small and portable application that enhances Windows' functionality by allowing you to easily open folders in Command Prompt. It can be effortlessly set up, even by users with little or no experience in software programs.

Since this is a portable piece of software, installing Drop To DOS is not necessary. So, you can just drop the app on any location on the hard drive and run it directly.

Furthermore, this tool does not work with Windows Registry entries, hence the risk of system errors is reduced. Plus, program files are not left behind after deleting it from the hard disk.

The interface of the application is based on a very small window where you simply need to click a button to activate its feature.

Basically, the tool creates a "Drop to DOS" entry in the context menu of any folder. Clicking it brings up a Command Prompt dialog that allows you to run command lines in that particular location.

This type of tool is required when running command-line apps, as you would normally have to access Command Prompt and enter several command lines to get to a specific location. Drop To DOS merely provides a shortcut in this matter, since a context menu entry is only available in certain Windows editions, such as Windows 7 (by using the right-click mouse button and Shift key).

It is also possible to disable the "Drop To DOS" context menu entry from the main application window. However, if you leave it activated, the option remains available even after deleting the utility from the hard disk. The app is clearly not an inconvenience to the computer's performance, as its resource consumption is minimal. Users who frequently work with command-line apps would surely be pleased with Drop To DOS.

Drop To DOS was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 2nd, 2013
Drop To DOS - Acticvation window of Drop To DOS, where you will be asked to activate or deactivate the context menu options.Drop To DOS - Context Menu window is where you will be able to select the Drop To DOS option to start the content in command prompt.

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