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This is a practical and effective solution whose main purpose is to help users avoid data loss by shutting down computers and servers securely

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Eaton Intelligent Power Protector is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software worth having when you need to shutdown your computers and servers powered by an Eaton UPS in a secure way, without losing important data.

These UPS devices, also known as uninterruptible power suppliers, are meant to keep your computer or server powered on in case of an extended power outage.

The application is compatible with various UPS devices, including Connect UPS XSlot, Connect UPS BD, 103006826, Network-MS and MODBUS-MS, to name a few, and provides local computer graceful shutdown for each of them.

In order to avoid network or serial port access conflicts, you need to make sure that specific modules are not installed on the same machine you want Eaton Intelligent Power Protector to be installed, here referring to Personal Solution Pac, Eaton Intelligent Power Manager or Eaton Network Shutdown Moduler.

The graphical interface of the program can be accessed remotely using any web browser you want, be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. When you first start Eaton Intelligent Power Protector, you will notice that the application will automatically perform a quick scan in order to identify all the available UPS devices in your network. Additionally, you can access the ‘Auto Discovery’ panel and specify the IP addresses you wish to scan.

In case you want to supervise the current state of the UPS that powers your current server, you can navigate to the Power Source menu item, located in the left pane of the application. You are able to view basic details about each device such as MAC address, location, load level, battery capacity and nominal apparent power.

However, the powered UPS connected through network are not automatically assigned as the Power source so you need to access the ‘Edit shutdown configuration’ (from the Shutdown section) that enables you to specify the shutdown timer, duration and type.

Overall, Eaton Intelligent Power Protect proves to be a steady and effective solution when it comes to managing your UPS devices the way you want and shutting down your computers and servers in a secure way.

Eaton Intelligent Power Protector was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 27th, 2014
Eaton Intelligent Power Protector - With the help of Eaton Intelligent Power Protector you are able to avoid data loss by shutting down computers and serversEaton Intelligent Power Protector - The Actions section displays all of the performed actions and it enables you to create, edit and remove the ones you don't want anymoreEaton Intelligent Power Protector - By accessing the Shutdown panel you are able to configure the power source and edit shutdown configurationsEaton Intelligent Power ProtectorEaton Intelligent Power ProtectorEaton Intelligent Power ProtectorEaton Intelligent Power Protector

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