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Command-line tool that can restore easily and quickly the functionality of floppy disks that have been demagnetized or have become corrupt






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Simple purposes require simple tools and Format144 fits this concept perfectly as it has been built to help the user format floppy disks that are deemed unusable.

In plenty of cases, Windows XP refuses to format this type of storage if it is has become demagnetized or corrupt.

The problem consists in the fact that the operating system verifies only if the floppy disk is readable and if it is not then the actual formatting process is skipped.

In truth, the media still has some life in it and can be used and this is when Format144 comes in. the application is console-based but thanks to the wizard-driven structure even the least experienced user can carry out the job.

It immediately detects the floppy drive and initiating the formatting process requires just the pressing of a key, provided that all warning messages have been acknowledged by the user.

What Format144 does is write the boot sector and the file allocation table as well as clean the root directory. There is no need to close it after the first job as it can function in a loop with as many floppy disks is required.
Last updated on December 1st, 2004
Format144 - The application starts immediately and warns that all the data on the storage device is to be erased

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