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Removes Internet Explorer and its corresponding registry entries from the computer, enabling you to install a newer version of the browser





IEradicator is a handy tool specifically designed for older machines running on Windows 95, 98, 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium or 2000, enabling the user to tweak their system and completely remove Internet Explorer from the computer.

The Windows operating system bundles Internet Explorer by default, but this is not the main choice of some users when it comes to an Internet navigator. Specifically designed for those who don't want Internet Explorer installed on their computers, IEradicator can safely remove Microsoft's browser.

It works with Explorer versions 3 through 6.0 and should not be used on any other operating system version other than the ones mentioned above. You are advised to read the documentation before using it, since it might result in data loss (bookmarks, history and so on).

IEradicator can eliminate 99% of the registry entries that correspond to Internet Explorer, saving about 30MB of storage space. It only leaves behind components that are necessary for maintaining compatibility with the MS HTML layout engine, such as Outlook Express.

You must be aware that this operation is not reversible and getting Internet Explorer back on your system requires manual installation.

The application is very easy to use: Following the mandatory reboot, a small window is displayed, notifying you that the Internet Explorer components wil be permanently deleted and advising you to create backups of the 'Favorites' folder, so as to avoid data loss. Once you confirm the action, IEradicator proceeds to removing Internet Explorer's registry entries, so that you can install a newer version of the browser or, why not, a different Internet navigator.
Last updated on March 24th, 2003
IEradicator - IEradicator asks the user if he wants to remove Internet Explorer before installing.

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