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Make an executable program run via another application in your computer and generate fake error or alert messages with this utility

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Be it for your own security or for other reasons, you sometimes do not wish for the other people using the same computer as you, to know what programs you have worked with or worse, monitor your activity.

While there are a variety of solutions to the problem, Image Hijacker also offers you the possibility of cloaking your usage of a specific tool under the guise of another, even providing you with the means to display fake messages, block services or PUPs.

Intuitive and neatly organized GUI

Appearance-wise, the application is fairly straightforward and easy to work with, its main functions being grouped into tabs, thus allowing you to focus on the one you need.

Since its usage is self-explanatory, you will probably be able to handle it without too much trouble, even if you lack prior experience in the field, and since the help documentation is scarce to non-existent, that will have to suffice.

Disguise your usage of certain programs under inconspicuous tools

In the ‘Image Hijacker’ tab, you can select the image name for your application, entering it by hand, while in the lower text field, you can define the tool to hijack it with. Clicking on ‘Add’ will list in the dedicated panel, enabling you to work with it later on. The ‘Extras’ help you further customize its functioning.

The ‘Fake Message’ section allows you to input an image name and title, then select a type (error, warning or password confirmation), opting for one of several variants to display, then adding it to the list.

Moreover, a ‘Service Blocker’ component helps you prevent the running of certain services, while, with the ‘PUP Blocker’ instrument, you can make sure potentially dangerous software do not run on your computer.

A helpful utility for masking your actions on the PC

In summary, Image Hijacker is a comprehensive piece of software that enables you to hide your real activity, by using other tools as a front for anyone monitoring your system.

Image Hijacker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 5th, 2015
Image Hijacker - The main window of Image Hijacker allows you to define new entries in the Hijack ListImage Hijacker - The Fake Message tab enables you to choose the message type and select its contentsImage Hijacker - In the Service Blocker section, you can select one or several services and prevent them from runningImage Hijacker - screenshot #4

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