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A software application that offers control of your media player/center with TV-style Remote Control Unit via standard IrDA port





IrDA Remote Control offers control of your media player/center with TV-style Remote Control Unit via standard IrDA (infrared) port.

Here are some key features of "IrDA Remote Control":

■ No additional hardware required (only standard IrDA port)
■ Flexible adjustments for most existed Remote Control Units
■ Simplicity of Remote Control training


Remote Control Unit Requirements

As the IrDA (infrared port) and TV Remote Control Unit (RCU) have completely different nature:
■ There are some RCU will not work with the program at all. As there is no strict standards for RCU data type and data transfer protocol, there is no abilities to predict capacity for work of an RCU in advance. Usually you have several RCUs available and, therefore, have the ability to choose right RCU.
■ Some RCUs have no full scale ability for repeating commands of pushed buttons. In that case, you should emulate command repeats manually by multiple separate key presses.
■ Remote control distance of IrDA Remote Control may be lower than habitual one. It depends on how precisely you direct your RCU to IrDA (infrared) receiver. If the IrDA receiver is located on side of rear panel (in some notebooks) you can use mirror to redirect the RCU infrared beam onto IrDA receiver.

IrDA Receiver Requirements

■ Only embedded IrDA receivers are compatible (usually in notebooks). External COM port based IrDA receiver may work, USB connected IrDA receivers are not compatible at least in the current version.
■ Your computer should have no other active (logically connected/active) serial ports (COM ports) except IrDA. Otherwise, IrDA port will not be detected correctly. In that case, you can set IrDA port device address manually (in the Settings dialog) or close the connection and re-run the program to repeat automatic detection.
■ IrDA device must be properly configured and work. IrDA Remote Control does not allow simultaneous IrDA transmitting, which can cause random remote control behavior. Sometimes to restore genuine IrDA functionally exiting the program is not enough, reboot may be required.
■ IrDA device must be SIR type. It means UART based with maximum speed less or equal to 115200 kbit/sec. You can verify IrDA speed in the "Device Manager" of your Windows or simply by trying the program.
Last updated on August 3rd, 2007
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