Joystick 2 Mouse

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An application that enables a joysick to be used as a mouse.

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Joystick 2 Mouse is set to transform your joystick into the mouse of your computer system, providing a new experience to avid gamers that just can’t get enough of their game controller. That is not all, though, because this particular piece of software makes it possible for you to control your keyboard, too, in the very same way.

Although generally intended for gamers, Joystick 2 Mouse can also help out people with physical disabilities as well as the ones that suffer from wrist pain caused by prolonged mouse utilization. The program supports up to sixteen game controllers with added mapping for each and every button, axis as well as directional POV.

Joystick 2 Mouse’s user interface is simple and keeps everything at a professional level, thus beginners may spend some time to understand its basics, at least. With this program, you can create and manage profiles for each and every connected controller.

Moreover, the profile section of the application allows fine settings tuning for polling delay, button combination, theme, action as well as threshold. To add more depth to it, Joystick 2 Mouse also comes packing the Shift Button technology which allows you to do more than just one action per button, through rigorous configuration.

The Axes Configuration area encases options for swapping the axis’ direction, setting the threshold values or the sensitivity. Whether your game controller has a plethora of buttons and sticks or not, the configuration panel helps you achieve almost the same results. All you really need is imagination as well as some fast processing alongside flawless finger abilities.

Joystick 2 Mouse can prove to be exactly the application software you are looking for when it comes to controlling your PC without the help of the mouse and / or keyboard; however, as long as you are already doing a great job using them, then Joystick 2 Mouse can only be regarded as a faraway alternative that, for now, is only suitable enough in some specific cases.

Joystick 2 Mouse was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 9th, 2013
Joystick 2 Mouse - The program sends a shortcut to system tray. The Configuration window can be accessed through the application's menu.Joystick 2 Mouse - From the Joysticks tab of the application users can load specific joystick profile assignments.Joystick 2 Mouse - Users can select certain actions to be performed by the joystick when used as a mouse.Joystick 2 Mouse - Themes or action types are available through the Actions tab of Joystick 2 Mouse.

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