Joystick to Mouse

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A simple application to take joystick input and convert it to mouse movements




Joystick to Mouse is an application that enables the usage of your joystick as a mouse. To use the application first run start-joystick-to-mouse.bat. This will find the first joystick and use it.

If you want to run joystick-to-mouse with a specific joystick, append start-joystick-to-mouse.bat with -c "Joystick Name". I have only tested this app with a Logitech Attack 3 so the buttons and and axes might be incorrect with other joysticks.

For the Attack 3, the controls are:
Horiz. mouse movement - X axis
Vert. mouse movement - Y axis
Left click - Trigger
Right click - Nothing(yet)
Exit joystick-to-mouse - Nothing(plan to do)
Last updated on February 4th, 2012

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