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An extremely lightweight and easy to use tool that constantly presses a button or combination of keys in an application so you don't have to

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Key Presser is a small utility designed to press a previously assigned key inside the selected Windows application. It automates the operation by performing it at a user-defined time interval, thus simplifying tasks that involve key pressing on a regular basis.

Pressing a single button or key combinations

The reasons for the need of such an application are numerous. Whether you’re playing a game that requires you to press the same key over and over again or you want to capture a series of screenshots of the same window, a manual effort is required nonetheless.

Key Presser saves you the trouble of performing these jobs by hand and increases your personal productivity, saving you huge amounts of time. It sports support for all the keys (including Insert, Delete, Num Lock and F1 to F12), with the possibility to use key modifiers (Alt, Ctrl and Shift).

Lightweight and easy to use

The utility is extremely lightweight and comes in a portable archive, which eliminates the need for installation. The interface is user-friendly, but characterized by a basic appearance; however, this is not a deal breaker, since the focus falls on functionality rather than looks.

Usage is not rocket science either: simply select the targeted window, the key to be pressed, alongside the optional key modifiers, enter the time interval between the presses (in milliseconds) and press the ‘Start’ button.

The target window will be immediately brought to the front of the other open applications, after which the selected key will be pressed continuously until you hit the ‘Stop’ function.

Our tests revealed that the application carries out the job it was built for, without putting a strain on computer resources.

A few last words

To conclude, Key Presser is really worth your while; it’s easy-to-use, accessible and pays the expected results at minimum costs. It completely eliminates the monotony from repetitive tasks that require constant pressing of a key by getting the job done for you faster and without the risk of error.

Key Presser was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 14th, 2014
Key Presser - In the main window of Key Presser you will be able to select the application and select the key to press.

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