Keyboard Chattering Fix

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Automatically filters key chattering, logs all your key strokes and temporarily deactivates the keyboard and the mouse for cleaning

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Keyboard Chattering Fix acts like a typing assistant, automatically correcting keyboard chattering by removing characters that are repeated within a user-defined time interval. It is mainly intended for those who work with office applications that do not come with auto-correct and word suggestion capabilities.

Easy and fast configuration

The application runs silently in the system tray, without interfering with your work. However, you should take the time to configure it first, in order to have its settings match your typing speed.

The chattering filter is activated or disabled with just a click and the threshold time interval can be customized as you consider fit. Please note that a very low value might make the application fail to detect repeated characters, while a time interval that is too high might result in the wrong removal of some characters. It is advisable that you keep this setting at its default value and try to combine it with character repeat rate.

Keystroke statistics reports

Keyboard Chattering Fix can be instructed to log all your keystrokes and display them within the 'Logs' area, along with the corresponding time. It can also gather statistics concerning all the pressed keys, displaying information about the number of times a key is pressed and the chatter rate.

Disable the keyboard and the mouse

In addition to this, you can use Keyboard Chattering Fix to temporarily deactivate the keyboard and the mouse, which makes it easier for you to clean them, without risking to randomly click on the desktop or write texts within opened applications. To do so, you must access the 'Tools' section and choose one of the dedicated options.

Avoid keyboard chattering

Keyboard Chattering Fix can filter key chatters, giving you a helping hand in avoiding spelling mistakes. However, its accuracy depends on the set time interval and your typing speed, so it might not always work as it should.

Keyboard Chattering Fix was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 17th, 2014
Keyboard Chattering Fix - You can use Keyboard Chattering Fix to easily remove repeating characters that are typed in within the set threshold.Keyboard Chattering Fix - Keyboard Chattering Fix logs all your keystrokes and automatically removes repeating characters.Keyboard Chattering Fix - You can view statistical information about each keystroke from the designated section of Keyboard Chattering Fix.Keyboard Chattering Fix

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