Universal LDIF to CSV (XML) converter (formerly LDIF2CSV)

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An application that helps you convert LDIF to CSV/XML files

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LDIF stands for LDAP Data Interchange Format and represents update requests as a set of records. It is used by some email clients to export and import address book data, thus it is hard for users to view their content without a specialized program.

This issue can be solved by Universal LDIF to CSV (XML) converter, a simple application designed to help you easily convert LDIF files into CSV or XML formats.

This small application provides you with a user-friendly interface, which allows even a beginner to perform the conversion without problems.

After selecting the desired LDIF source file, the program allows you to load it and preview its content in a separate table, that contains the category, the object class, the name and surname of the contact, as well as the e-mail address and, if available, the user password.

Furthermore, you can select the number of lines that you want the program to display in the table. In case the number of records is too large, you are able to stop the loading process anytime you want.

Before starting the actual conversion process, you can set the options according to your preferences. For example, the program enables you to choose the number of separators. Moreover, you can optionally remove Cr / Lf or enable the Base64 and / or the UTF8 conversion.

The application allows you to select the one of the two output file formats and the destination path and saves the entries information in XML or CSV format.

Universal LDIF to CSV (XML) converter is a lightweight and easy to use program that allows you to solve open LDIF files and thus, solve compatibility issues that might occur.

Universal LDIF to CSV (XML) converter (formerly LDIF2CSV) was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 18th, 2012
Universal LDIF to CSV (XML) converter (formerly LDIF2CSV) - The program enables users to load LDIF files and save them to CSV offering a few options while doing that.

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