Linux Cluster Management Console

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Handles and helps you effortlessly configure Linux clusters that use Pacemaker, DRBD, KVM, LVM, Heartbeat, XEN or Corosync components





Linux Cluster Management Console provides you with an intuitive application that can be used for configuring and managing Linux clusters.

The application is compatible with multiple types of devices, namely Pacemaker, DRBD, KVM, LVM, Heartbeat, XEN and Corosync. The built-in wizard is designed to assist you step-by-step in adding a new cluster / host and configuring the connection.
Last updated on May 4th, 2015
Linux Cluster Management Console - You can use the main window of Linux Cluster Management Console to create a new node.Linux Cluster Management Console - The Session menu allows you to save the current session or add a new host.Linux Cluster Management Console - You can easily add a new host by using the built-in wizard, which will guide you through all the necessary steps.Linux Cluster Management Console

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