Linux Windows Installer

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Enables you to redistribute a Linux-based operating system to a Windows user, creating an installer that does not affect the master boot record




Linux Windows Installer delivers a lightweight package that makes it possible for you to deploy a Linux derivative on Windows-based computers.

Practically, it assists you in packaging a new installer for Puppy Linux that can be easily launched on Windows and uninstalled via the 'Add and Remove Programs' / 'Programs and Features' section in the Control Panel.

In order to build an installer, you are required to update your ISO disk image with a list of files and then edit the 'Settings. nsh' file by following the provided instructions. Then, you must launch NSIS and drag the 'main.nsi' file into its main window. Once you do so, the installer is generated and placed in the same location as the 'main' file.

Linux Windows Installer enables you to deploy multiple Puppy Linux distributions, while supporting their quick removal, if needed. The distribution can be set up on Windows 98, 2000, and XP.

There are many advantages to redistributing a Linux derivative this way. First of all, one doesn't need to burn an ISO file to disk, which can take a significant amount of time. Furthermore, no CD and no USB storage device is required for deployment.

Secondly, the master boot record is not affected at all, since Grub is not installed in that sector of the hard drive. Instead, you create an installer that is compatible with SFS files, which can be easily removed. Moreover, the Grub boot screen can also be erased, so your system will instantly launch Windows.

Linux Windows Installer enables you to create a backup of your Linux distribution by copying the pup_save file to a secure location.
Last updated on February 11th, 2012

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