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An intuitive and powerful software solution meant to gather data from various sensors giving you the possibility to thoroughly analyze and handle data

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In order to achieve a result, data analysis is required, regardless of the domain of activity in discussion. What's more, a computer can enhance this by providing both a suitable means of storing recorded data, as well as the means of analyzing them. In this regard, Logger Lite puts a friendly interface at your disposal for you to visualize gathered info from a breathtaking amount of devices.

Intuitive interface and customizable elements

The application is mainly designed for data visualization and analysis, thus providing a large workspace to arrange elements as you see fit. You can easily add data files by dragging them over the main window or through the dedicated menu, with a few examples included to get you quickly up and running.

Most elements you get to work with can fully be customized so you get exactly the desired data format. Graphs play an important role, as these are the main methods of displaying gathered info.

Multiple tools to work with

In addition, you can insert a few elements to help you better get result. Graphs, tables, a few meters and even text fields can enhance your work. Moreover, you can draw custom prediction lines on the graph with values automatically being stored.

Suitable for various environments

The application is supposed to provide real-time display of info gathered by various sensors connected to the PC. These can be configured from a dedicated screen and the known device list is breathtaking. Taking your time to look through the list reveals that the application can be used in various domains, from medicine to field research.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Logger Lite is a powerful data analysis tool that can be put to good use by anyone, as long as required data is available. Fully customizable elements make it suitable for various purposes, the result being always accurate. Impact on your system's resources is light and it is worth at least a try.

Logger Lite was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 14th, 2015
Logger Lite - The main window of the application allows you to view the collected information and to draw predictions.Logger Lite - You can export the collected data to text or CSV files by using the File menu.Logger Lite - The Experiment menu allows you to start the data collection and to set up the sensors.Logger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger LiteLogger Lite

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