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With one-touch control, support for 225,000+ devices and simple setup, Logitech Harmony gives you control in ways other remotes can't.

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Logitech Harmony is an example of a universal remote that keeps up with how multimedia devices evolve in today’s markets.

With it, you are able to control up to 15 types of devices from all kinds of brands that are out, from simple audio players to computers.

Logitech Harmony Remote Software is an application that allows you to connect the remote to your computer and fully configure it to the devices that you need to control. The application enables you to add them in a simple manner using a wizard. All you need to do is provide the manufacturer name and model number for the device, and if it is in the Harmony database, it is automatically added.

You don’t need to configure the buttons and controls for it right away as it already comes with a full mapping for each device. A thing though you have to do is choose the types of activities that the devices undertake. The installation wizard that comes with Logitech Harmony Remote Software takes you through a comprehensive step by step configuration of these activities.

After a device or more are added (you can add multiple devices in one instance of the wizard), the application synchronizes their information to your MyHarmony account. It’s from there that you can also change the mapping of your buttons, in case you want to assign a different function to any of them.

In closing, Logitech Harmony Remote Software is a tool that you need to have around if you want to be able to successfully use the Logitech Harmony remote.

Logitech Harmony Remote Software was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 27th, 2014
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