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Eliminate routine from your day-to-day activities by having actions recorded, selected from a list or manually defined so that they can be triggered with hotkeys or at the press of a button

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Although the keyboard you use is fitted with more than a hundred buttons, going through the same tasks over and over again each day is a time-consuming process. Luckily, specialized applications like MacroToolbar Free Edition give you the possibility to make an abundance of actions trigger automatically when certain conditions are met.

Intuitive design quickly gets you up and running

Right from the start, your desktop is enhanced with a sidebar that is equipped with several shortcuts and examples of what can be done. You can simply drag elements from your desktop over the toolbar to make them accessible with a single mouse click, or dive deeper into the depth of customization options put at your disposal.

The configurations window is where most time is spent, but this is only until you get familiar with commands and set up macros you want to use. Organized in a clever manner, the interface provides quick access to all elements through a groups sidebar, while the rest of the space lets you select corresponding entries and edit properties.

Record actions, define them manually or use a wizard

Several methods can be used to create automated commands, either by running a wizard that constantly requires you to select what, where and how an action to be triggered, or manually add commands one by one. Regardless of your choice, it's all done easily and helpful tooltips make sure you don't get stuck along the way.

Rich library of preset commands

A rich library of commands and system variables are put at your disposal, with most requirements on your behalf being to attribute proper values. By adding them to a list, you define the order in which they run, with a text editor at your disposal so you can manually edit or add scripts.

Furthermore, the application gives you the possibility to have your actions recorded and piled up in a set of commands you can use as a macro. As such, you can create actions for mouse and keyboard, launching files and applications, displaying messages, going online, managing windows and a lot more.

In conclusion

All things considered, we can safely state that MacroToolbar Free Edition can greatly enhance both your desktop and workflow by creating a set of commands that can automatically trigger and run more times at the press of a button. Packed with various helpful info and a rich library of content, the application can be used by beginners and experienced individuals alike.

MacroToolbar Free Edition was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 22nd, 2015
MacroToolbar Free Edition - MacroToolbar Free Edition is a handy and reliable application designed to enable users to create highly configurable macro toolbars with hierarchical menus.MacroToolbar Free Edition - MacroToolbar Free Edition enables you to select the type of button to trigger the macro.MacroToolbar Free Edition - MacroToolbar Free Edition features an efficient and easy-to-use macro creation wizard.MacroToolbar Free EditionMacroToolbar Free EditionMacroToolbar Free EditionMacroToolbar Free Edition

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