Modbus SCADA

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A reliable utility that collects data from Modbus devices and displays it within a user-friendly interface, enabling you to easily manage connections

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Modbus SCADA can gather data from Modbus devices, displaying it within a simple interface. It can also play the role of a Modbus Master tool that can be connected to Slave devices in order to collect data.

You can easily manage all the connections from the main window of Modbus SCADA and configure their functioning parameters, such as the desired serial port, the baud rate, the used protocol (Modbus ASCII, RTU or AT Hayes GSM modem), data bits, parity type, stop bits, the timeout and the polling interval.

Also, you are required to specify the Ethernet connection you want to use by entering the IP address and the desired port. Only the TCP protocol is supported.

The collected information is displayed by Modbus SCADA in an organized manner, enabling you to easily jump from one screen to another using the tree-view explorer. Each screen can be easily customized by adding it a locally stored background image and settings its position on the monitor. Tag styles (fonts, colors) can also be defined by the user. Moreover, you can instruct the application to notify you in case a user-defined threshold value is exceeded.

Remote access is possible thanks to the integrated web server, which can be used for accessing data from a different computer or a mobile device (tablets, smartphones) using a web browser.

Another important advantage of Modbus SCADA is related to its data logging capabilities. The data is periodically saved to a CSV document and the user can set the time interval the log is kept.

Modbus SCADA shouldn't pose any problems to users, since it is very easy to configure. It is compatible with various Modbus systems, such as PLCs, I/O modules. instruments and can be used with various data acquisition modules, enabling you to view the gathered information in a structured manner, inside well-organized tables.

Modbus SCADA was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on August 20th, 2015
Modbus SCADA - Modbus SCADA can gather data from multiple COM ports and display it on your screen.Modbus SCADA - You can view and manage all the connections from the designated tab of Modbus SCADA.Modbus SCADA - Users can easily configure the serial port connections and customize their functioning parameters.Modbus SCADA - screenshot #4Modbus SCADA - screenshot #5Modbus SCADA - screenshot #6Modbus SCADA - screenshot #7

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