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A reliable application that helps you analyze the content of certain log files and determine the problems that occurred during program runtime

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Analyzing log files can help you determine the problem that caused a certain application to crash. In order to do so, it is recommended to use an application that can filter all the data contained by a log file, as they usually contain a lot of information, besides the details about the error created.

Modern Log Viewer can help you filter certain log files, then categorize and and analyze them in order to find out the error that caused a program to crash or malfunction. The application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to function properly.

Handy and reliable log filtering tool that displays crash file statistics

The program allows you to search data in various log files, by filtering them, either by date or by a certain keyword they contain. Additionally, you can sort the log files by their type and the information they contain, such as debug, warnings, normal or critical errors.

Furthermore, you have the option to focus on a single log file, excluding other entries from the search. This way, you can easily determine the problem that occurred during the runtime of an application.

Intuitive report file filter with modern-looking interface

Modern Log Viewer provides you with access to log statistics and testing tools that can help you determine the problem that caused a program to malfunction. You can parse a log file and check the date an error was created, in order to analyze it and try to solve it.

Besides, you can use external applications and command line arguments to see how a program behaves during execution and if the error that caused it to malfunction persists. You can then edit the registries that refer to the malfunctioning error and attempt to solve it.

A dependable and easy to use log file manager that offers debugging options

To conclude, Modern Log Viewer can help you determine the problem that caused an application to crash, offering you the tools needed to debug it.

Modern Log Viewer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
Modern Log Viewer - Modern Log Viewer helps you extract important information from log files, in order to debug certain applications.Modern Log Viewer - In the Level section, you can choose the type of logs that are displayed, such as debug information, errors or warnings.Modern Log Viewer - By accessing the Text section, you can search a certain log file by entering a specific keyword.Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #4Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #5Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #6Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #7Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #8Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #9Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #10Modern Log Viewer - screenshot #11

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