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The purpose of MouseFighter is to allow the user to navigate on the computer screen with only the help of the keyboard. Basically, all the functionality of the mouse is transferred to the keys.

Non-intrusive activity

Installing the application on the system is a simple task completes very fast if all the pre-requisites (.NET Framework 2.0) are available on the computer.

The application works in the background and it does not have an interface per se; instead, users benefit from a configuration panel that can help them shape the tool and make it work according to their needs.

MouseFighter should be able to work with any keyboard since the keys controlling the direction of the mouse cursor are configurable.

Easy to use configuration panel

The list of settings includes the possibility to turn the activity of the tool on or off with a single press of a button and to instruct the program to start with the operating system.

By default, the directional keys are the arrows but they can be changed to anything else. Moreover, there is the possibility to define the buttons for left and right-clicking for the mouse functionality to be almost completely emulated by the keyboard.

Additional options refer to the speed of the mouse cursor movement and the braking, when the directional key is no longer pressed.

Driving the mouse cursor with the keyboard

MouseFighter has been designed to replace the actions of the mouse with the keyboard and it manages to do this without too much effort.

It can be easily configured to work with the keys desired by the user and its presence on the system is non-intrusive.
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Last updated on October 30th, 2014
MouseFIGHTER - This is the main window where you can choose to run MouseFIGHTER when you start your PCMouseFIGHTER - This tab will enable you to choose the keys that will help to operate the mouseMouseFIGHTER - You can access this tab when you want to adjust the speed for the cursor mouseMouseFIGHTER - This is the way MouseFIGHTER will allow you to enable or disable its Automatic Switch

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Simple application that can emulate the mouse cursor with the use of the keyboard, complete with acceleration settings and left/right-click actions


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