Multiple Applicator

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A program that features some of the best Command Line applications





Multiple Applicator is a collection of most used Windows application designed according to average user's needs. With Multiple Applicator you can defragment, compress and extract files, manage icons, text files, system tray application as well as split or join files.

The program is a must have for Windows users that want to defragment only certain files on the drive, instead of the entire disk drive, easily extract icons from applications or iconize drive letters, organize text files lists, add more programs to the system tray or set specific shortcut functions.
Last updated on September 22nd, 2006
Multiple Applicator - Multiple Applicator features a tabbed interface that allows access to functions such as Defrag files.Multiple Applicator - The Compress and Extract section of Multiple Applicator allows users to archive or extract files.Multiple Applicator - From the Icons management tab of the program, you can extract icons or iconize drives.Multiple Applicator - Users can organize text files and create file lists from the Join text files tab.Multiple Applicator - The program allows users to delete specific files and clean hard disk space by accessing the Shredder by overwritting.Multiple Applicator - You can also manage system tray shortcuts and create program shortcuts on the Desktop.Multiple Applicator - The program also features a Split files for floppies tab that can be used to break files.

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