NkTimeTracker Pro

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Monitor software usage and track the time spent checking e-mails or files or browsing the Web, so as to make sure you don't waste precious time




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NkTimeTracker Pro is a practical and reliable software utility that tracks all the programs and websites on your computer.

With the help of NkTimeTracker Pro you have the possibility to monitor the time spent browsing the Internet or checking e-mails and documents.
Last updated on March 12th, 2015
NkTimeTracker Pro - With the help of NkTimeTracker Pro you are able to track all the active processesNkTimeTracker Pro - The General section enables you to view only the active events and launch the application at Windows startupNkTimeTracker Pro - You have the possibility to configure the opacity settings and track specific applicationsNkTimeTracker ProNkTimeTracker Pro

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