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Allows you lock state of Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys.

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NumLocker is a small Windows freebie that can lock the current state of Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys.

Especially useful in case you want to keep any of these keys always on, NumLocker places an icon in the Windows System Tray that provides instant access to all of its features.

There is no dedicated GUI, so users have nothing else to do than to browse the menus available via the Tray icon we were talking about, so everything’s easy as pie.

Besides locking any or all the aforementioned keys, NumLocker also allows its users to turn them on and off manually, without the need for pressing the dedicated buttons on the keyboard.

There are no settings to play with and no help file, but it’s almost impossible to get lost in its features since everything’s so basic. A good thing however is that it can start with Windows and thus enable the selected key state automatically.

One of the most important drawbacks isn’t necessarily the lack of interface or options, but the hotkey support. Users clearly need a quick way to lock the state of Num Lock for example when running another app in full screen and keyboard shortcuts is the easiest way to do that.

The CPU and memory footprint is minimal and your computer won’t even know that NumLocker is running.

It works flawlessly on all Windows workstations out there and although it needs many improvements in key areas, it’s still a helpful product for users who want nothing more than a simple way to prevent accidental pressing of these keys.

NumLocker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 22nd, 2012
NumLocker - NumLocker is a lightweight and useful piece of software designed to lock the state of Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys.

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