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A registry scanner and cleaner

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If your computer is not running as fast as it used to, the problem might be related to the Windows Registry, which could be cluttered with junk files, errors and other useless entries. PC Performer is a program designed to clean up these files in order to improve the computer’s performance.

The app has a simple interface and an intuitive layout that should be easy to figure out.

As soon as the program is installed, it performs a full scan of the Registry and lets you know the exact state of the computer. Furthermore, it can tell you where the problem is coming from, dividing all the located errors into categories.

For instance, it tells you how many of the errors it found are related to the system, the user or to third party apps. Also, the software provides an overall assessment of the PC, letting you know how affected its performance is by the registry problems.

Cleaning the faulty registry entries only takes a few seconds, but the process depends on the number of located errors.

Also, before performing a new scan, you can fiddle with the settings, letting the app know where to look for errors. For instance, it can search the fonts, help files, history lists, shared files, shortcuts, file types and startup programs, just to name a few.

PC Performer lets you set up an exclusion list with all the registry keys you want to ignore in the scanning process.

Furthermore, PC Performer can defrag the Registry or create a backup. A scanning schedule may be set up, including a recurrence pattern. Thus, you can have the app search for errors on a certain day, on a daily or weekly basis.

Overall, PC Performer is a useful program that is easy to work with. Inexperienced users should have no problems in figuring out all the functions provided by this software.

PC Performer was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on January 14th, 2013
PC Performer - This is the Status tab of PC Performer where you can get info on the registry errors found on last scan.PC Performer - Access the Scan Registry tab to configure your registry scan options and immediately start a scan.PC Performer - You can easily optimize the registries by accessing the Defrag Registry tab of PC Performer.PC Performer - Backup your registries and easily restore any of the saved backups, in this tab of PC Performer.PC Performer - screenshot #5PC Performer - screenshot #6PC Performer - screenshot #7

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