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Using this application you can specify various actions that your computer or other one connected to the network should perform, like shutdown or tun off the monitor

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Since organizing and planning events can save you a great amount of time, having your computer automatically shut down makes no exception. With the help of specialized applications such as Poweroff, nearly any of the computer's power options can be set to trigger if certain conditions are met.

Lightweight and easy to use

The application takes incredibly little time to be deployed and can also be stored on a removable disk drive, since it uses incredibly little space and requires no installation. Your computer won't feel a thing from running it, due to the little amount of system resources it needs to properly run.

All options are stored in a simple, yet intuitive interface, allowing you to instantly accommodate. It only takes several seconds to set the application, after which you can leave it hidden in the system tray and go on with your work.

Can handle computers over a local network

The main window puts four major settings at your disposal you need to configure before hitting the “Do it” button. Amongst action, options and timing, you are able to select which computer these previously mentioned settings to be applied to.

By default, all actions affect your computer. However, you can select the “Remote Computer” option and choose a machine connected to the same network as you. Unfortunately, this options cannot be done for more computers at once, or have the entire network scheduled to shut down.

Schedule computer power options

The application puts a great variety of choices at your disposal. You can select from and not limited to logoff, reboot, shutdown, hibernate, lock, turn off monitor and a few more. Moreover, you can choose to have a custom message displayed for a given amount of time and with an alert sound attributed, before the action is performed.

Furthermore, and integrated scheduler lets you thoroughly set date and time, so, for example, your computer can automatically turn off at an exact hour each day. Additionally, you can have a power option triggered when a process stops, which you select from a list of the ones that are active.

In conclusion

Tu sum it up, Poweroff is a lightweight, but powerful utility that greatly enhances the way your computer's power options are handled. It can easily be used over a local area network for work environments. Moreover, you can save custom configurations and take them anywhere you go just to have them applied, making it even more practical.

Poweroff was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 14th, 2014
Poweroff - Poweroff allows you to schedule various actions your computer should perform at a specified time.Poweroff - From the File menu, you can save, load or remove the settings you created for the application.Poweroff - The application allows you to create a poweroff service that will run in the background.Poweroff - You can remotely perform the actions Poweroff includes on another computer on the network.Poweroff - Using Poweroff you can schedule when to turn off the computer or put it on standby.

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