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A very lightweight utility that will make it possible for anyone to effectively fix issues with documents stuck in the print queue

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Many users who have dealings with printers, especially those shared on a network, have at least once come across a printing issue that prevented them from listing their documents properly. If you find yourself in such a situation and calling the network administrator is not a solution, you may try an application that can fix errors automatically.

Going by the name of Print Queue Cleaner, this utility tries to offer a straightforward method of verifying and repairing printing problems. Packed as a very small executable, the tiny tool displays a simple and uncluttered GUI that stays on top of all other windows, while providing quick access to all its functions.

The first step is to have Print Queue Cleaner check for errors and solve them on the spot, an action that can be carried out at the expense of a single click on the 'Fix It!' button. There is nothing you have to configure and the program will do its job without hindering other running processes, the only downside being the fact that its main window cannot be moved or minimized.

As soon as you get the 'Finished!' message, you can send a test page to the selected printer and thus get the confirmation that everything is back in good functioning order. In case your computer is connected to several printing devices, you have the possibility of testing all printers by pressing the dedicated button inside Print Queue Cleaner.

The message displayed on the piece of paper that comes out of your printing machine will let you know that the unit is now working properly, so you can send your work or other type of documents the next time.

All in all, Print Queue Cleaner seems to be one of the simplest and easygoing answers to a variety of issues that me be impeding you from printing the files you need.

Print Queue Cleaner was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
Print Queue Cleaner - This application can help users fix any issues they might encounter with documents stuck in the printing queue

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