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A simple, yet efficient application that targets users in need of a quick way to repair spooler subsystem error messages for good

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Print Spooler Fix Utility is a program that targets errors generated by printers and attempts to solve them automatically, without requiring user intervention.

If you work with printers on a daily basis, then you’re certainly aware of the types of errors that such a device can trigger. Such issues have various causes, some of them related to the printer spooler service, others concerning the hardware.

Print Spooler Fix Utility was designed to diagnose printers in terms of a broken service, therefore it aims to accomplish software related issues. The focus falls on the printer spooler, which is the default Windows service that printers rely on in order to carry out one or more printing tasks.

Typically, for advanced users, this kind of problem is solvable easily, by tackling the System Services section and restarting the printer spooler, although this might not always work. For when it doesn’t or for situations that involve less experienced users, Print Spooler Fix Utility can be an alternative solution.

The program relies on an easy-to-use wizard that guides you through the whole printer detection and repair process, during which all you need to do is to select the devices to be fixed. However, the actual mending operation cannot be done without purchasing a license.

This is rather disappointing, since there’s no actual way to test the application before you spend a significant amount of money. And to be truthful, there are several other utilities that can attempt a printer repair process for free.

In conclusion, assessing the program’s capabilities isn’t really possible without a license, which prevents us and the entire audience from objectively evaluating it. Also, the price is kind of steep, considering its purpose.

Print Spooler Fix Utility was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
Print Spooler Fix Utility - Print Spooler Fix Utility is a handy application designed to fix spooler subsystem error messages.Print Spooler Fix Utility - In this window of Print Spooler Fix Utility, you will be able to choose the printers to be fixed.Print Spooler Fix Utility - Print Spooler Fix Utility will prompt you to select the errors to be fixed.

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