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A powerful game cheating tool that allows you to edit the game data stored in the computer memory in order beat difficult levels

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Quick Memory Editor is a RAM editing tool that can help you edit the parameters saved by various applications. It is mainly designed for the gamers that want to make changes to the data stored in game saves but can be used with

If you play computer games it is likely that you have come across a game level that cannot be easily beaten. Although most gamers prefer to find a way without using cheats, this tool aims to help you by changing certain parameters such as the health or ammo level.

The main purpose of this tool is to access these values from the save files or directly from the computer memory. Once loaded, you can use it to edit the current values and specify the ones that enable you to complete the game with minimum effort.

In order to make the desired changes you need to specify the game executable and to search for the memory values. The program is able to work with multiple tasks and to search through the strings and integer values from the main window.

You can manually add new values to the file and assign the modification to a certain hotkey in order to quickly make the change while you are playing. The advanced users can also use the Hex Editor and edit the saved games.

An additional tool is the trainer builder that allows you to create a set of parameters for your favorite game. The trainer file can be exported in order to be used by other users that need to adjust the game difficulty.

Overall, the Quick Memory Editor is a useful tool but can be hard to use by casual users who are just playing games for fun. Although it includes a step by step documentation, you need to know the exact values that you need to change in order to get the desired effect.

Quick Memory Editor was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 28th, 2013
Quick Memory Editor - This is the main window of the application, where you will be able to launch the Settings window.Quick Memory Editor - By accessing the Task menu of the application, one can easily delete an existing task.Quick Memory Editor - From the Trainer menu of Quick Memory Editor, the user will find it easy to loand the MEM list.Quick Memory Editor - If the users want to insert a nibble, they need to launch the Hex-Edit menu.Quick Memory Editor - screenshot #5Quick Memory Editor - screenshot #6Quick Memory Editor - screenshot #7

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