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A simple and easy to use application that enables you to run a program with elevated privileges without being prompted for confirmation from UAC

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QuickAdmin is a lightweight and intuitive software solution designed to offer you an easy means of running programs in elevated mode, yet without having to confirm this to User Account Control every time you do it.

When you need to run an utility, particularly in elevated mode, you want to do it as quickly as possible, but most often, your UAC will get in the way of that, by prompting you for confirmation even for the most insignificant of programs, which can significantly delay the process.

While disabling User Account Control may have crossed your mind, that is not entirely necessary, as QuickAdmin provides you with the option of running any software you want in elevated mode, yet bypassing UAC.

In order to use the application, all you need to do is unzip the downloaded archive and double-click the EXE file. The main window functions as an installation / uninstallation dashboard, allowing you to quickly activate or deactivate it when you no longer want it.

When launching QuickAdmin, you are able to configure its functioning parameters. As such, you can integrate 'Run As QuickAdmin' into your Windows context menu, enabling you to launch any executable you want in elevated mode, yet without being prompted for confirmation from UAC.

Additionally, you have the option of hiding the 'Run As Administrator' option from the shell menu, displaying it however, when pressing the Shift key from your keyboard. Moreover, QuickAdmin allows you to add another option to your context menu, useful particularly for shortcuts, as it can 'Convert to QA Elevated Shortcut' with a single push of a button.

To sum it up, QuickAdmin is a handy and easy to use tool that can prove quite handy in running programs with elevated privileges, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

QuickAdmin was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
QuickAdmin - QuickAdmin is a simple tool that enables you to run any application you want elevated to administrator modeQuickAdmin - The utility can integrate into your Windows context menu, allows you to easily access it

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