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A comprehensive and reliable application featuring numerous components that you can use to improve your computer's speed and stability

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RaXHuN - Pc Utilities is a complex software solution comprising several tools that aim to help you clean your computer of unnecessary data, by deleting junk and temporary files, while also enabling you to shred sensitive documents or optimize its performance.

Straight-forward user interface

Following a fairly uneventful installation, you can launch the application and begin working with its components in order to get your system in tip-top shape.

RaXHuN - Pc Utilities’ interface makes use of tabs to allow you to access the functions you need, namely ‘Cleaner’, ‘Optimizer’, ‘Registry’ or ‘Tools’, some sections featuring several options.

Erase, optimize, fix and shred data

In order to improve your system’s performance, first off you should use the ‘Cleaner’ in order to get rid of ‘Recycle Bin’ data, as well as ‘Temporary Files’ or ‘Recent Documents’. You can also clear your Internet Explorer history, cookies and temporary files.

While some of RaXHuN - Pc Utilities’ components work just fine, others tend to freeze and change their progress to ‘Idle’, thus requiring you to give the ‘Clean’ command multiple times, before it can actually take effect and remove the targeted data from your computer.

The ‘Optimizer’ also has some hiccups along the way, and it is rather unclear what precisely it adjusts about your system’s functioning in order to increase its speed and stability. The ‘Registry’ tab of RaXHuN - Pc Utilities lets you scan for errors, enabling you to fix them all with a single button press; this too sometimes runs into difficulties, which may cause it to shutdown altogether.

The ‘Tools’ include ‘Get My Driver’, ‘File Shredder’ and ‘Data Backup’, the first allowing you to find the right driver for a system component, the second helping you permanently remove sensitive data from your PC, while the third lets you run backups of targeted folders.

Basic system enhancer

To summarize, RaXHuN - Pc Utilities proves to be a program that still needs a fair amount of development, since it faces a lot of functioning problems, managing to perform its job only after persistent nags.

RaXHuN - Pc Utilities was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
RaXHuN - Pc Utilities - The main window of RaXHuN - Pc Utilities allows you to choose the component that you want to work withRaXHuN - Pc Utilities - From the Cleaner tab, you can delete temporary files, browsing history, and other junk dataRaXHuN - Pc Utilities - The Memory Optimizer section enables you to enhance your system's performanceRaXHuN - Pc Utilities - screenshot #4RaXHuN - Pc Utilities - screenshot #5RaXHuN - Pc Utilities - screenshot #6RaXHuN - Pc Utilities - screenshot #7RaXHuN - Pc Utilities - screenshot #8RaXHuN - Pc Utilities - screenshot #9

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