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Run programs or scripts on your remote systems and servers as soon as a certain file becomes available in a user-defined location

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There are countless ways of automating daily tasks in order to free up time and improve productivity. A way to do so is by using Run If Exists.

It’s a lightweight tool that can run scripts and applications on your computer, over a network and even using file sharing services such as Dropbox. All it needs is for you to provide it with the script or app to run and the start file that triggers the entire process.

The interface is straightforward and makes the entire process that much easier. To set up a future automated task, you first have to select the location of the script or application that does all the work. Afterwards, you need to set the path of the startfile. This is what activates the script and sets the process in motion and it has to be in the same place as the script or app.

With both the paths set, you then activate the Run If Exists instance. When a document is copied to the folder where the script is located and that filename matches that which you set as the startfile, then the script runs and the file is deleted.

You can also run multiple instances of the application, increasing the number tasks you can automate. In order to do so, they need to be in different working folders. This fact makes Run If Exists a very helpful took in the office space. With it employees can drop documents and have them automatically converted or emailed. The number of uses for Run If Exists is in fact limited by your creativity.

Since Run If Exists uses so little system resources, running multiple instances shouldn't slow down computer performance but you need to be aware that the scripts and applications you use could have that effect.

In closing, a little tool such as Run If Exists can definitely make a difference in your workflow you just need to find the right angle for its use.

Run If Exists was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
Run If Exists - Run If Exists allows you to execute a program when a certain file exists on your computer.

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