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Clear-cut application which enables you to clean up the clutter from your hard drive, as well as improve your system’s performance

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SS System Cleaner is a software tool which can be used in order to scan for obsolete files and remove them from your hard drive thus, improving the way your PC runs.

User-friendly interface

The installation process does not offer to add any third-party products, and it is over in a few seconds. In addition to that, the UI you come face to face with is simple and intuitive, thus allowing all user categories to work their way around it with great ease. It is comprised of a folder structure and a panel where to display results.

Easily select items to analyze and delete

First and foremost, you are required to choose all the items you are interested in scanning and cleaning. This software utility enables you to inspect system items (recent documents, temporary files, memory dumps, Clipboard etc.), web browser history, cookies, cache, bookmarks, download information etc., and other files from installed apps.

Once you have chosen all the items that interest you, click the “Analyze button” so that SS System Cleaner can assess the state of your hard drive. This process is not quite friendly to your system’s performance, yet this is to be expected from this type of products. A small setback is that you cannot stop or pause this scan.

Results are displayed in the main window along with information such as section, action and data. Out of these you can select the items you want to remove, click the “Clean” button and let the utility to all the heavy lifting.


To sum up, SS System Cleaner is a pretty handy piece of software for people interested in cleaning their computer. It has a simple-to-use environment and a good response time. Nevertheless, the lack of options might ward off power users.

SS System Cleaner was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
SS System Cleaner - The System Cleaner's interface will allow the users to choose the system areas he/she wants the System Cleaner program to clean.

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