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Manage one or more Epson printers in an environment while handling cartridge replacement and cleaning with the help of this practical utility

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Most companies, regardless of their profile, use at least one printer on a daily basis, and depending on the number of employees, this can translate in elevated monthly costs (paper and cartridges need to be purchased, whereas repairs cost money as well). If they use Epson Stylus printers, SSC Service Utility can come in handy.

Quickly identifies a connected printer

This application comes without any price tag so users are not required to take out a penny from their wallets. The installation goes smoothly and the software automatically detects and recognizes the connected Epson LPT or USB printer, provided it is compatible (restarting the printer may be required).

Allowing a smart cartridge replacement

SSC Service Utility displays the current ink levels, for both color and black cartridges, so as to enable users to replace or refill them in due time, before they get damaged or completely empty and unusable. In addition, hot swapping of cartridges is supported, so they can be taken out and put back in without turning off the printer.

Keep track of multiple printers

When the host computer has more than one installed printer, one can select the device that is to be monitored by SSC Service Utility – all of them can be processed using this application, but only one at a time can be monitored.

Taking care of you cartridges

The software can also be used to reset the ink counters, to allow administrators to monitor them whenever needed, or even freeze the counters. Furthermore, head cleaning can also be performed, depending on the type of cleaning selected by the user: color head cleaning, universal color, normal cleaning, or black head cleaning.

SSC Service Utility is displayed in the system tray, and anyone can access its features without launching the main window, thus saving desktop space and preventing clutter.

To end with

In a nutshell, Epson printer owners are advised to take this app for a spin, test its functions and make the most of their cartridges even if they do not have complex PC skills. Since time is money and this application does not cost a penny, promising to save you time, it might be all you need in an office environment.

SSC Service Utility was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
SSC Service Utility - SSC Service Utility will help you do many amazing things with Your Epson printerSSC Service Utility - The Configuration tab section will provide users with options like Installed Printers, Printer model or Enable independent monitorSSC Service Utility - Users will be able to access options such as Available data for selected model or Port / Chip / Address or Speed within ResetterSSC Service UtilitySSC Service UtilitySSC Service UtilitySSC Service UtilitySSC Service UtilitySSC Service Utility

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