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Easy and convenient installation of software on your Samsung computer

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Samsung Easy Software Manager is an essential tool for the Samsung laptop users who want to keep their drivers and applications up to date. This utility makes sure that all the required updates are installed without having to manually check the versions and download the files.

For any computer it is important to install the program and driver updates in order to benefit from the latest bug fixes and improvements. Laptop users should pay special attention to this issue since a mobile device frequently uses multiple connections and is exposed to many security risks.

This utility is designed to check the version for all the installed drivers and a set of apps provided by the laptop manufacturer. It can only be used on a Samsung device and automatically detects the hardware configuration as well as the installed software.

The apps and drivers are organized into different categories which allow you to easily access the items that should be installed at all times in order to optimize the laptop performance. The application does most of the job since in order to install an update you only need to click the download button.

As the utility is configured to automatically scan the system and notify you about the available updates, it makes sense to add it to the startup list. You have the option to select the weekday when you want to receive the update notifications.

Although the application automates most of the operation by checking the driver version, downloading and installing the latest edition, you still need to keep an eye out for errors. The log system enables you to view a list of successful updates or problems from the last month, semester or year.

If you own a Samsung laptop and want to keep your drivers up to date with minimum effort, the Samsung Easy Software Manager can help you.

Samsung Easy Software Manager was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on October 22nd, 2013

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