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Experimental software for some modification of operating system





Sandwich is an experimental that was created for some modification of operating systemsuch as uninstalling some hardly accessible components and cleaning some other parts and everything under full control of user with chance to restore your original setup.

Sandwich works with following system areas:

■ Commands: contain dos prompt commands, since you add your aplication to this area you do not need remember exact path and you can simply type aplication name to launch it
■ Cookies: contain installed cookies
■ Cursors: contain mainly animated mouse cursors
■ Fonts: contain installed system fonts
■ Junk: data useless both for user and system
help: contain system help files and help for some installed software and other data
■ History: contain some data of system history
■ Install info: contain install info and precompilated info files
■ Media: contain system media data, but these data can be stored wherever on computer, so you can do with this whatever you want
■ Recent: contain documents last modified
■ Sendto: contain links to quick send documents/folders
■ Startup: contain lines of system startup commands
Last updated on June 3rd, 2009
Sandwich - The Sandwich's main window allowing you to select the system that you want to modify, control, restore

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