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A handy system tool





SetFSBTray is a program which will help you to:
· Overclock you computer by increasing the FSB.
· 3 customizable FSB settings in tray icon: low, medium, high.
· Support for all clock generators in SetFSB.exe
· logoff/shutdown/hibernate/restart from tray icon
· You can toggle whether shutdown and restart reset the FSB when you click them. If a · GP entry is detected, then the the toggle is disabled.
· You can disable and hide the overclocking buttons and just use this for the shutdown buttons.
· Add a script to the GP. This will automatically run SetFSB on shutdown and reset the clock (Use if your system hangs while overclocked).
· During uninstall these entries will be removed for you, or it can be removed with the program.
· Toggle run on startup
· Add/Remove Task. Can add/remove task from task scheduler to overclock on
· Extra Low(lan) button for asus n10 users. You can toggle this on/off in settings
Last updated on July 27th, 2009
SetFSBTray - The settings window enables you to adjust the application to your needs.SetFSBTray - You can select to overclock at startup or to always reset clock on shutdown with the help of the Advanced tab.SetFSBTray - This is how SetFSBTray opens in your system tray enabling you to have access to it's features.

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