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A useful application hat was especially created to provide an easy to use management tool that can be used for compatible network printers

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Keeping track of networked devices and managing them is a rather complex job that is usually handled by administrators who use befitting tools for this task.

Among the numerous utilities that are meant to help in this respect, SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin aims to provide a means of taking care of Ricoh printers that can be shared on the same LAN.

Simple and clean GUI to ease the administration of connected devices

The program can be set up without effort and the application will be ready to be deployed in a couple of minutes. The interface comes with a plain look and the layout favors the monitoring of multiple devices at the same time.

The information is structured in several columns and the administrative commands are neatly stored inside relevant menus, for a straightforward access to all the functions of this software solution.

Advanced device management features with detailed information

An advantage of SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin is the ability to recognize pretty much any network printer, so in case there are several models of different makes connected to the same network, they can be viewed from the same list.

On the other hand, getting device information or accessing the user management and address management tools can be done only for compatible Ricoh units. Depending on the physical placement of the printers or based on other criteria it is possible to create several groups and place the devices in those that the administrators sees fit.

With regard to the data concerning any selected item from the searched device list, there are several categories prepared, including the counter, job and configuration pages, as well as the spool printing job list, the fax journal and more.

A reliable utility for taking care of Ricoh network printers

All things considered, this application is definitely suitable for the management of several printing devices that are linked to the same network. It features an extra asset, namely the ability to recognize and list other types of printers, so overall it manages to put up a decent performance.

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 29th, 2014
SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin - This is the main window of SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin that allow you to locate and manage network printers.SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin - The right-click menu in SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin provides quick access to the device's management commands.SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin - With SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin users can create custom groups in which several devices can be added.SmartDeviceMonitor for AdminSmartDeviceMonitor for AdminSmartDeviceMonitor for AdminSmartDeviceMonitor for Admin

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